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Available for permanent placement, and contract assignments in software development. Over 20 years’ experience in multiple capacities and roles - programmer, database architect/developer, analyst, consultant, and development manager.

Work History

ACC One-Click® -
  • Web Developer
  • Developed retail website components to enhance the Amazon 1-Click® feature by providing eligible customers access to the Amazon Currency Converter® for foreign exchange purchases
  • Wrote code, facilitated cross-organizational code review processes, change management, production deployments
  • Extensive use of JQuery, CSS, and Perl Mason

Dataram, Inc.

XcelaSAN® -
  • User Interface Developer
  • Develop enhancements and resolve outstanding bugs in web interface providing the administration and monitoring of XcelaSAN network storage devices
  • Migration of single file CGI application to object oriented Perl using Apache2 and mod_perl2
  • Extensive work to ensure consistent rendering and application functionality across IE7, IE8, IE9 and Firefox using conditional style sheets, JQuery, JSON, replacement of layout tables with HTML div elements
  • Performed application integration with system user space processes using DBus API

Research Project -
  • Programmer/Analyst
  • Conduct research into accounting and financial system sub-ledger imbalances, and general ledger to sub-ledger variances for the period from 2004 to the present
  • Use of Oracle SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Perl, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and formulas to conduct extensive review of existing systems source code and documentation in order to isolate and correct problems contributing to accounting imbalances and variances

Checkout by Amazon -
  • Web Developer
  • Software developer working on Checkout By Amazon project developing enhancements to the Seller Central website


E2E Monitoring -
  • Perl Developer
  • Software developer working on migrating provisioning error management web dashboards from Perl 5.6 to Perl 5.8/Apache2/Mod Perl2 and Solaris 64 bit

QuickInfo @ -
  • Web Developer
  • Development of the Quick Info popover feature which provides a Java Script-driven mini-detail page linked to all product images on browse and search pages for
  • Worked on Amazon Associates project to migrate Perl and C++ applications and services to RHEL3 and Perl 5.8
  • Managed deployments to production fleet, developed automated testing programs for scripts and web applications, troubleshooting, wiki, and other software development tasks

Ekaria LLP

AMEX Member Rewards -
  • Java/Perl Developer
  • Software developer working on short-term contract to maintain automated order injection for American Express web site
  • Develop and maintain order injection maps in Java, and data import maps written in Perl supporting automated transactions for over 100 online merchants with over one million products available


Speech Components Group -
  • Perl Developer
  • Software developer working on short term contract to the Speech Components Recognition Group
  • Development of enhancements to the speech recognition acoustic model system used in the Microsoft Speech Server
  • Integration of string-based minimum classification error (MCE), grammar parsing using W3C DTD, lexicon, whole word, and tri-phone acoustic models using Perl, Visual Studio, and the HTK toolkit

AT&T Wireless

Customer Upgrade Program -
  • Perl Developer
  • Software developer working under long-term contracts to AT&T Wireless Services
  • Orders are submitted through internal Web interface built using Perl, HTML::Template, CGI, DBI and various other Perl CPAN modules, stored in Sybase SQL Server, submitted for shipment via MQ Series messaging transport, activation and sales tax calculations via CORBA services, billing, sales commissioning, external reporting, and other back end processes

AT&T Wireless

Trouble Tracker -
  • Object Oriented Developer
  • NeXT Step object oriented development of financial services application and Sybase SQL Server database architect
  • Responsible for developing training materials and conducting classes for production operations personnel

PSW Technologies

Various Projects -
  • Object Oriented Developer
  • Object oriented development, database architect developing internal applications for job costing/time tracking
  • System built using NeXT Step object oriented software, C++ and Sybase SQL Server
  • Interfaced to cellular network switches, and geographic information software to pinpoint areas within the cellular network experiencing less than optimum coverage

General Dynamics

IETM Authoring System -
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals/Programmer/Analyst
  • Working on pre-Internet HTML text and graphic authoring system for U.S. Air Force
  • System built using Sybase SQL Server, C++, and OI Toolkit
  • Developer of the SQL database, and corresponding C++ API providing all database read/write functionality
  • Technical writer for all database requirements, design, and implementation documentation in accordance with rigorous government specification and review